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July 19 - 22 2012
at the Thunderbird Show Park in Langley
24550 72nd Avenue for details
The BC Renaissance Festival has been in operation for the past several years, spearheaded by our very own Christina Carr, and supported by several of our Scene Forum regulars, including Ed Appleby, Tiff Lawrie and Julia Fox.
It's an opportunity to dress and act like a pirate, or revisit the Victorian age and be in an appropriate environment to do so!
It's also a chance to see and be entertained by sword fights, minstrels and the magic of that bygone era!
Comedy acting is harder than dramatic acting. Here's your chance to show your ability. I have 4 short comedy monologues and I am looking for one or more actresses for them. You can do 1, or all 4 maybe. If you are a writer, I will consider having you perform some of your own stuff too.
This if for a new youtube channel which is starting to take off. There is no pay for this, but there are perks. You can have your first name and email on screen, and one girl got a paid gig by this method. You can also use your videos to promote yourself, by sending the links to talent agents and casting directors. You can post them on facebook and so on as well.  You will get on camera experience working with an experienced director, and networking opportunities with other film people.  Your videos will be professionally shot and edited, with possibly some special effects too.  This can lead to paid work with me too. I am always thinking of new projects, and if you prove yourself here you will have a chance to audition for the lead role in a feature film.
My movie site is here.... this is where you might get a chance to audition for the lead role:
My video site is here:
I sometimes need spokesmodels and they are well paid. Some samples on site.
So even though there is no pay, there are definite advantages for you. I am fussy and particular and have high standards for acting, but I am very easy to work with. I helped an actress win a Best Actress Award, and I have 74 credits on IMDB
Beginners welcome. I can send you full information, but it is much too long to send here. So for this reason, to apply, go to either of the sites, and use the email there to apply. Put COMEDY ACTRESS AND YOUR FIRST NAME in the subject box please. The info I will send you will include links to sample videos you can watch and if you impress me I may send the 4 short scripts too. Good luck to everyone.  This is for Vancouver and area only, and ideally, the west side of Vancouver, because to do this there will be rehearsals and so on and it is best if you are close. This could be ongoing with lots of different projects. If you can sing or dance or have other talents we may in due course utilize those talents for other skits or funny moments.
Steve Cosmic