This page will be dedicated to fundraising events by friends and people I know in the community. Some of these endeavors will be of a personal, rather than industry related, nature.
If you have a fundraiser, be it on line or in person, send me a message at with the pertinent details.
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Ed's R Us started online March 2, 2008 and has been producing comics almost every day since. Ed's R Us is a generally optimistic roommate comedy (think of a cross between Friends and Futurama).

Morning People, the first Ed's R Us collection collects the strips from the Start to November 1, 2008. After a small miscalculation causes a wayward asteroid destroys their former home, Ed (cuddly mad scientist), Rocco (even cuddlier megalomaniac) and Kanna (I wouldn't cuddle if you know what's good for you) move into an apartment in downtown Raincity. Hilarity ensues.
So why should you care?
Basically the economy sucks and a the best way to combat it is to do what you love. I LOVE this comic and I want nothing more than to do it as a living, and the way to do that is to print a collection. Unfortunately, I'm a freelance and even though my freelance work pays the bills, It's not quite enough to print the first book. That's where you come in...
This campaign is all about pre-selling the book. That's the main focus and for a mere $25 you can get a copy of the book and a sketch on the inside of the cover of whatever character you want. If you really want to help out I have a lot of other donation levels that you can contribute to and win my love!

Frames Film Project - call for participants
I am pleased to announced that the Frames Film Project is now ready for participants for our first cycle, February 27 - June 25! Our call for participants is below.
Thank you in advance for referring and/or forwarding any prospective participants, should you have any in mind.
Kryshan Randel
Project Coordinator
Frames Film Project
15 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC V5L 4C1
ph: 778 238 3555
fax: 604 215 2474
Frames Film Project - Call For Participants
The Frames Film Project is seeking participants for its first of three courses, occurring from February 27 to June 25 2012.

Do you know someone who is:
•  16-24 and living in Vancouver or nearby area
•  Interested in learning video production skills and personal development skills
•  Affected by mental health / substance misuse / other vulnerability issues
•  Able to commit to meeting one evening per week from late February until late June, as well as some additional prep evenings and weekend shoot / edit days as the program progresses.
•  Can be referred to the program by a professional adult mentor (e.g. counsellor, facilitator, teacher)
... Then we would like to consider them for our program!
Selected participants will be in the very first cycle beginning February 27 and ending June 25. Future cycles will take place Sept 2011 to April 2012 (8 months) and Sept to Dec 2012 (4 months).
The goal of the Frames Film Project is to provide training, support and a voice to multi-barriered, transitional youth, 16-24, with vulnerabilities or experience with mental health or substance misuse. Youth will receive a wide range of skill building, personal development and awareness training, leading to the creation of film pieces expressing their thoughts, experiences and ideas for change. These films will be shared with the community at events that involve a community dialogue component and contribute to the body of knowledge on these important topics.
The Frames Film Project is free to join. In addition, transit pass costs are provided as well as snacks and drinks - and each participant will receive an HD camera upon completion of each intake!
If you are know potential participants that are interested and meet the above eligibility requirements, please visit to download our application form and referral form and receive more information. You may also contact Program Coordinator Kryshan Randel at, or 778 238 3555.
Dave Cote, a local Vancouver actor turned director/producer, is looking for faces and talent to shoot!

Having premiered his first feature film, Windup, at The Cannes Film Festival in 2007, Dave has kept on shooting, and now aims to do a short per week.
Low budget or no budget, constantly shooting is a way to keep skilled sharpened, for actors, directors, and writers alike.
If you are interested to be in the talent pool, check out the current short: "MURD3R" at, and message Dave at