“Ch – ch – changes, turn and face the strain”. – lyrics from the song “Changes” by David Bowie
Our world, inner and outer, is changing all the time. And as we are well into the beginning of the information age these changes are happening faster. Consciousness is growing at an exponential rate. Information is being transmitted and received lightning fast in real time from around the world. Our access and availability to each other is staggeringly fast, thanks to the advent of the internet and various connecting sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
Even with this new form of connectivity I always bring us back to real human contact. That is something that as children and babies we all not only crave, but need. As adults we think that the childhood desire to be held, connected to and communicated with is something we’ve grown out of, only to see that our longing to return to those safe havens of emotional and physical caring is something that is a part of us until the day we die.
In the world of acting, even in a simple arena like the Actor’s Scene Forum, this connection is not only needed, it is required. You cannot communicate a scene, or a moment, effectively if you aren’t willing to connect with the person you are in the scene with, very much like life. I submit that your life is somewhat devoid of enjoyment when you aren’t in true communication with the people you surround yourself with.

The ACTOR'S SCENE FORUM is pretty much self explanatory.  It was created by actor/writers for actors and writers to connect. At this point I've put the group on indefinite hiatus.
If you want information about what the group was and how it ran, message me at for information and details.