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Posted Monday September 10, 2012
I've been soul searching this past month and a bit regarding all the doings I am involved with, and I've come to a decision about the current Actor's Scene Forum. I'm going to shelve this indefinitely, as other scheduling and timing issues have arisen. I have been teaching a class in Richmond on Wednesday afternoons, which made it hard pressed for me to get to the Scene Forum space, which had moved to my house, difficult.

I'm also in the midst of working out other places to teach, namely Tarlington Training. I will still continue to teach at least one on camera group for sure, and then see what else falls into place. I've got other irons in the fire that I'm in the process of stoking, and it is taking up much of my energy as well as my time.

I do honor those that had come on a regular basis, and it's been quite a lot of fun. I also honor those that only made it out to a limited number of Wednesdays. I actually did forge some new connections and re-forge some past ones. I am grateful that I had a chance to play with this group for the short time it's been in existence, but I too have moved on from the time I ran the other group.

I've also sent an e-mail out to this effect. I will continue to update the content of this page more consistently, but for now the actual Scene Forum group is on indefinite hiatus.

Again, thanks to each of you that came, see you again in the industry.
Henry J Mah

"Change is the only constant."


The Actor's Scene Forum was a pet endeavor of mine to bring back the vibe and essence of the drop in group I used to run. For the short time it has existed I have enjoyed a renewed sense of adventure and creativity in writing a new scene almost once a week.
When I have the time and energy to put this back on its feet again, I will contact all that were on the latest list. Anyone new to the site and would like to be put on my contact list, send me a note to sceneforum@henryjmah.com, be sure to include a contact phone number.